The Basics

The Basic 2D Sample will display how the basic tools (e.g. balloons, notes) in Demo Builder can be used to guide your viewer.

The Basic 3D Sample takes it a step further and shows you how to work with transformations on the X, Y and Z axis and Zoom-n-Pan to give your movie a more dynamic 3D effect.

Character Basics

In the first sample the Character presenting the demo will walk and gesture, this will show you how to make use of a moving Character.

The second sample will show you an example of a stationary Character and the best way to animate it if you would like the Character to remain in one place while guiding the audience.

In the third sample, Amy will say a few words about Martin Luther King Jr.

In the last sample, Joey will will be your weather man.

Special Tools

These Sample videos will show you how these special tools are usually used.

The Sketch Tool can be used to create custom animations, a Live Zoom Area displays zoomed in areas that play what is happening in the movie in real-time (instead of only displaying a static image) and Zoom-n-Pan will allow you to zoom in and out and pan across the canvas with great flexibility.

  • The Sketch Tool

    Add custom Animations to your demos.

    56 sec

    WatchVideo(H264) Ivona Text-To-Speech, Amy
  • Live Zoom Areas

    The difference between a Normal and Live Zoom Area.

    56 sec

    Watch Video(H264) Ivona Text-To-Speech, Amy
  • Zoom-n-Pan

    Focus viewers' attention on important points.

    53 sec

    Watch Video(H264) Ivona Text-To-Speech, Amy

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